Almost everyone has problems.  It's magnitude is relative to the person dealing with it.

Others might say that the problems of another are trivial in comparison to theirs.  "Ours" is always greater when it comes to "theirs".  I think it's the reason why we address our own first before those of other people.  Most of the time, we don't bother addressing other people's problems out of politeness or probably, indifference.  

When we are not affected, it's best not to deal with it.  

Today, I encountered a young lady who spoke weirdly when she approached me.  I found out afterwards that she drank a corrosive (namely, muriatic acid) in an attempt to commit suicide.  I didn't find out what the reason was and maybe, I won't be too nosy to ask.  

I was being judgmental when I said it must be because of a boy.  It usually is.  

I shouldn't have thought that way because there are other source of desperation and depression in this world other than that of a lost love.  

The first thing I thought was how is it that other people are raised to be so weak.  Second thought was that I have to make sure I raise my daughter right.  I want her to be tough when faced with problems.  So that, all her problems would seem trivial to her.  But not too trivial that she disregards them and doesn't care in finding a solution.  

We all have to toughen up.  We all have problems and probably, there will be no one but us who can help ourselves.  If we weren't raised to be self-reliant, maybe it's time that we train ourselves.  


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