I am not the right person to work for peace processes.

At work today, I was asking my batchmates, Dr.Alvin and Dr.Manny, to talk to the incoming chief about the discrepancies in our schedule of duties.  It's Christmas season and I was lucky enough that I got the Christmas-In deck and luckier to get the 24th of December off.  Unfortunately, luck ran out when the senior who was assigned to create the schedule wasn't smart enough to consider about the previous and official arrangements.

And so, I asked the most diplomatic people around (that would be Manny and Alvin) to talk to her, the incoming!  And Alvin told me to do it myself.  Duh!  I'm too mad to do the begging.  And he said that I was right: I'm not diplomatic enough.  He said that being a columnist would suit me more instead.  Because with all my opinions and stands and issues in life (well, when it comes to the current workplace), I have a lot of them that it's hard to contain.

But of course, I did because they didn't want to do it themselves (honestly!) and because I want to get that 24th day of December off work.

And so, I did my best to be diplomatic and suppressing raising my voice at her and giving her my superior tone (mind you, it was hard especially when you cannot tolerate their presence anymore).

And now, I got the 24th off and be on duty on the 25th (Yes, Christmas day).

Being diplomatic is hard but it does pay off.


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