There was someone in the work place that I found so rude.  I think there were two instances already that I have encountered her ill-mannered self.  

The first one was in the pantry when I noticed that she looked at me from head to toe.  I've been scrutinized before but it was never the way she did.  I felt she measuring me up for something.  

The next instance was a couple of hours ago.  My friend was asking around for someone who was selling cellphone load in the office.  And another friend asked someone about it.  It so happened that the one selling the load was the same person who was measuring me up.  And so, I told her the name of the friend who was looking for load.  You know what she said?  "Hindi ko siya kilala."  After that she flipped her hair, turned her back to us and walked away.  

I was taken aback by her tone.  If she thinks her being "mataray" was amusing, she is greatly mistaken.  It was just plain irritating.  Another friend, upon hearing that, looked at me.  I told him quietly "Grabe naman yun".  And he smiled and said, "Di nga ko nakapag-salita eh". 

And then it was my turn to be snotty.  I told my friend, "Ano ba yun? Kakaiba naman siya." and then we laughed.  

So, the friend who were asking around came back to where we were, and we told her what happened.  She wasn't surprised and told us that that person was really like that - unlikeable.  

We were all new at the company, barely a month.   And we don't know everyone at the workplace.  It's too bad that we have to encounter such a rude person.  It's just amazing how she could feel so superior even without looking and being like it.  


  1. naku sis, talagang maraming ganyan. isipin mo na lang, baka na threaten sya nung dumating kayo... so kung anong bagay, pwede sa work or sa face :p

  2. Agree, people who act like that are either insecure or threatened by your presence. Being rude is sometimes a self-defense.


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