A Princess And A Saint

There is something nice to look forward to these days.  There will be another female monarch in the Buckingham Palace.  And the Catholic world will have another saint to add to their long list of saints.  

This reminds me of one instance in the life of Princess Diana and Mother Theresa.  There was one time that they were in one place at one time.  Two different people who live two entirely different lives - one who lived with so much and the other who lived an impoverished life.  

And now, I have lived long enough to witness another instance that a princess and a saint is making news at the same time. 

I am not really excited about the Royal Wedding or Pope John Paul II's beatification because frankly, they don't affect me that much.  I have outgrown the idea of princesses shortly after Princess Diana died.  And I always thought that the Pope is much better remembered as the most adored Pope rather than a saint.

I hope that I could share the excitement because it would really be nice to share something with the world.  I want to be a part of what the rest of the world is celebrating about.  And there's two of them being celebrated almost the same time.  


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