Let's Talk About Bad Deeds

I'm currently listening to a morning radio show and they're talking about good deeds in line with the Holy Week.  And all I can say is "HO-HUM".  What a boring topic!  I'm not really fond of talking about good deeds.  It seems to me that it's just a way to think good about oneself.

I don't think a numerous good deeds can redeem one bad deed.

For example, I hurt one person and to redeem my soul, I give millions to the poor.  Unfortunately, the millions won't make that one person whom I've hurt feel better. Maybe if I gave the millions to that one person, then the horrible thing I did won't matter anymore to that person.

So, taking note of all the good deeds is pointless.  A bad deed will always be a bad deed unless you were forgiven by the person concerned.  But unfortunately, it's not easy to forgive hence, most of our bad deeds remain bad deeds.

And may I also add, Holy Week is not about our good deeds.  It's about recognizing how sinful we are.  And if we are just recognizing our good deeds and turning blindly towards our bad ones, then there is no point with Holy Week and the saving graces of our Lord.

Hence, it's much better to talk about how bad we have been.  First of all, it makes a much interesting topic.  Second, subjecting ourselves to public prosecution for how sinful we are, is a form of redemption.  Recognition of our sinful selves by other people will be probably much better when we are alive than when we are dead. When we are dead, only God will recognize our sins and I don't think He will be too kind (but I'm crossing my fingers that He will be) about it.


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