No More Awful Pictures (Thanks to Digicams)

I have a lot of them, believe me.

Because I lived early enough to experience taking photographs by film, I have so many printed photos stashed away in a safe hiding place where no one will ever see them unless I allow them to.  It so bad to have to pay for printing photos that you weren't really sure if they were good enough.  In my case, I have paid for a lot of bad ones.

I recall those times when you will be able to get to see your pictures only when the Kodak guy hands you that thick pile of photos inserted in their envelopes.  And you can't wait to see them for yourself among other people. And so, the pictures get a lot of fingerprints on them because it was passed on to a lot of hands already.

These days, because of digital cameras, you get to print only the good ones.  And sometimes, people don't get prints of them at all.  I have hundreds (and probably close to a thousand... not kidding!) of pictures in my computer and some CD's I have filed in a CD album.

The problem with using the digital camera is that you are able to take so many pictures that you get a good ration of taking a lot of good ones that you actually want to get printed.  Because there are so many of them, it will cost me a lot of money to get prints (which I really really really like to have).  And now, as I'm sorting through some of them, I'm getting a long list of photos in one folder which are for printing.

Yikes!  I have to spend a lot.  But since photos are priceless, especially the good ones, then I have no choice but have them printed.  I just don't want them to stay in the computer or CDs or networking sites.  It's just not good enough.


  1. I must agree. I've got loads of pictures saved on my laptop, too (most are portraits of myself I can't seem to get enough of) But I think they'll be staying there for a longer while since I'm not really a fan of printed photographs.

    Visiting from GT :)

  2. Same here. Got thousands of pictures on my laptop already, plus more that got lost when my old laptop crashed. And I rarely print any of them out. Haha. But I think that'll change once my baby comes out. ;)


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