A Pimple At This Age

I was lucky enough not to worry so much about growing a lot of pimples while growing up.  My mother was afraid during those days that I would grow a lot of them and have my face turn into something like that of my uncle who had numerous craters on his face.  (I don't mean to insult.  I'm just stating a fact.)

I have learned that in order not to leave craters after a pimple growth, the pimple should be removed or punctured as soon as it is visible.  It should never be allowed to grow bigger.  For the ones who can't really visit a dermatologist, they do it manually.  But thank goodness for chemists all around, there's a convenient tube of salicylic acid that can be bought in local drugstores.  This will do the trick.

Well, when I was growing up, pimples also grew with me.  They were really few in comparison with what others had to deal with.  They were few but they were really big and painful.  My pimples were really in character.  They appear one by one but they make a great impact.  People seem to notice and point to them when I pass by (no kidding!).  And if they're not familiar, they will just tend to stare at them and then on me.

One time, one of this big painful red pimple grew on one of my cheeks.  It was so big, it's like a mosquito bit me.  It was so visible and it was so rare (in my case) that my friends keep on pestering me about it (even if they didn't mean to).  I guess they were just amazed on how big it was.  (I wonder now if its size grew over my face).

Anyway, I'm in my early thirties and I grew another pimple.  I guess it was all because of lack of sleep.  The last time I had a pimple was two years ago.  And now that I have it again, I wonder if it's because of my hormonal medications (yes, I'm taking some) or because of lack of sleep.  I'm betting on the former.

I just have to wait and see how big it's going to grow.


  1. I still get pimples too even now in my mid-20's. But I discovered something some days ago that helped my pimples dry out faster: sunflower seed oil. I know it sounds contradicting, using oil to dry out pimples but it really does work. I just dabbed some of the oil smack on the pimple at night for a couple of nights and just a couple of days after, the pimple was already flat and on the way to completely drying up. The smallest pimple is now gone with no sign of it ever being on my face. =)


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