Stranded in Subic

We're supposed to be heading home by this time of day - it's noon time and it's the international check out time.  Unfortunately, our driver lost the key to the fan while he was jogging this morning. It entails a lot of inconvenience because the other vehicle would have to go back to Manila and then come back for us again, just to get the keys.  I know everyone is tired and all but somehow, I'm kind of glad we're going to breathe in some fresh air awhile longer.

It's sometimes funny but mostly, disappointing when plans cannot be met on time.  I'm sure our driver is feeling so bad right now.  But most of us have the good sense of not rubbing it in.  I said most of us, not all.  One of my relatives didn't even help out in looking for the key and she was the one who keeps complaining.  I wanted to be a bitch about it.  But since I don't want to aggravate the situation, I kept my mouth shut.  Besides, I was spending time looking for the keys on the beach and on the water, praying to get a glimpse of it on the sands even if it was possibly half buried already. The water was so clear so there was hope for it.

But unfortunately, there was no key found.  No one reported or surrendered a lost key in the lost and found. And we are extending our stay in our hotel room.  We still didn't have lunch.  No one's hungry yet thanks to the big breakfast of submarine sandwiches and danggit and fried rice at the restaurant.

Right now, I'm just waiting because there is nothing I can do more to help.  My daughter is happily kicking her legs while sea air is whipping through her baby hair and drinking water from her pink milk bottle for refreshment.


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