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A Princess And A Saint

There is something nice to look forward to these days.  There will be another female monarch in the Buckingham Palace.  And the Catholic world will have another saint to add to their long list of saints.  
This reminds me of one instance in the life of Princess Diana and Mother Theresa.  There was one time that they were in one place at one time.  Two different people who live two entirely different lives - one who lived with so much and the other who lived an impoverished life.  
And now, I have lived long enough to witness another instance that a princess and a saint is making news at the same time. 
I am not really excited about the Royal Wedding or Pope John Paul II's beatification because frankly, they don't affect me that much.  I have outgrown the idea of princesses shortly after Princess Diana died.  And I always thought that the Pope is much better remembered as the most adored Pope rather than a saint.
I hope that I could share the excitement because it would really be n…

A Pimple At This Age

I was lucky enough not to worry so much about growing a lot of pimples while growing up.  My mother was afraid during those days that I would grow a lot of them and have my face turn into something like that of my uncle who had numerous craters on his face.  (I don't mean to insult.  I'm just stating a fact.)

I have learned that in order not to leave craters after a pimple growth, the pimple should be removed or punctured as soon as it is visible.  It should never be allowed to grow bigger.  For the ones who can't really visit a dermatologist, they do it manually.  But thank goodness for chemists all around, there's a convenient tube of salicylic acid that can be bought in local drugstores.  This will do the trick.

Well, when I was growing up, pimples also grew with me.  They were really few in comparison with what others had to deal with.  They were few but they were really big and painful.  My pimples were really in character.  They appear one by one but they make a…

Couldn't Help Myself

How can I study using online books when I'm so addicted to blogging and blog hopping.  I can't help myself when I open my dashboard, I also scroll way down to my reading list.  And I couldn't help visiting my fellow bloggers' blogs.  I don't know if it's fortunate or unfortunate for me to be following so many blogs already.  But I'm really enjoying my time what's everyone's up to these days.

I may be putting off my studying.  Or maybe, I'm really just addicted to other people's blogs.  Sigh!

Let's Talk About Bad Deeds

I'm currently listening to a morning radio show and they're talking about good deeds in line with the Holy Week.  And all I can say is "HO-HUM".  What a boring topic!  I'm not really fond of talking about good deeds.  It seems to me that it's just a way to think good about oneself.

I don't think a numerous good deeds can redeem one bad deed.

For example, I hurt one person and to redeem my soul, I give millions to the poor.  Unfortunately, the millions won't make that one person whom I've hurt feel better. Maybe if I gave the millions to that one person, then the horrible thing I did won't matter anymore to that person.

So, taking note of all the good deeds is pointless.  A bad deed will always be a bad deed unless you were forgiven by the person concerned.  But unfortunately, it's not easy to forgive hence, most of our bad deeds remain bad deeds.

And may I also add, Holy Week is not about our good deeds.  It's about recognizing how s…

When Your Happiness Doesn't Matter

Sometimes, there are too many people who imposes their own happiness into your own.  There are so many people like that in my life.  The problem with it is that these people don't see eye to eye on things.  Therefore, someone's idea of happiness doesn't coincide with another.   And I'm left with only space to balance everyone's wishes.  It's just too much pressure one person can handle.  No one really bothered to ask me what will make me happy.

I guess at this point, the only thing that will make me happy is when everyone is happy.

I wish there will come a time that I will be so selfish that all I need to do is follow my own happiness.

No More Awful Pictures (Thanks to Digicams)

I have a lot of them, believe me.

Because I lived early enough to experience taking photographs by film, I have so many printed photos stashed away in a safe hiding place where no one will ever see them unless I allow them to.  It so bad to have to pay for printing photos that you weren't really sure if they were good enough.  In my case, I have paid for a lot of bad ones.

I recall those times when you will be able to get to see your pictures only when the Kodak guy hands you that thick pile of photos inserted in their envelopes.  And you can't wait to see them for yourself among other people. And so, the pictures get a lot of fingerprints on them because it was passed on to a lot of hands already.

These days, because of digital cameras, you get to print only the good ones.  And sometimes, people don't get prints of them at all.  I have hundreds (and probably close to a thousand... not kidding!) of pictures in my computer and some CD's I have filed in a CD album.


Stranded in Subic

We're supposed to be heading home by this time of day - it's noon time and it's the international check out time.  Unfortunately, our driver lost the key to the fan while he was jogging this morning. It entails a lot of inconvenience because the other vehicle would have to go back to Manila and then come back for us again, just to get the keys.  I know everyone is tired and all but somehow, I'm kind of glad we're going to breathe in some fresh air awhile longer.

It's sometimes funny but mostly, disappointing when plans cannot be met on time.  I'm sure our driver is feeling so bad right now.  But most of us have the good sense of not rubbing it in.  I said most of us, not all.  One of my relatives didn't even help out in looking for the key and she was the one who keeps complaining.  I wanted to be a bitch about it.  But since I don't want to aggravate the situation, I kept my mouth shut.  Besides, I was spending time looking for the keys on the bea…

What To Do

I'm thinking of a birthday treat for my mom.  I think Via and I owe her a lot.  I'm going to talk to my sister and brother about it.  I don't think a surprise party would be feasible because her birthday would fall during the Holy Week.  It would be very inappropriate.  What to do?


There was someone in the work place that I found so rude.  I think there were two instances already that I have encountered her ill-mannered self.  
The first one was in the pantry when I noticed that she looked at me from head to toe.  I've been scrutinized before but it was never the way she did.  I felt she measuring me up for something.  
The next instance was a couple of hours ago.  My friend was asking around for someone who was selling cellphone load in the office.  And another friend asked someone about it.  It so happened that the one selling the load was the same person who was measuring me up.  And so, I told her the name of the friend who was looking for load.  You know what she said?  "Hindi ko siya kilala."  After that she flipped her hair, turned her back to us and walked away.  
I was taken aback by her tone.  If she thinks her being "mataray" was amusing, she is greatly mistaken.  It was just plain irritating.  Another friend, upon hearing that, l…