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Not Even My Own Story

I was doing ultrasound on a 65-year old man awhile ago.  When it was my senior's turn to scan the patient, I sat down on the bench to take a break.  The patient's wife started conversing with me.

Beforehand, I thought she was the mother of the patient because she had her hair almost completely gray in comparison to that of the patient.  But the patient was already old himself so I kind of presumed she was an older sister.  Later, I found out that she was more than ten years older than her husband.

She was kind of telling me about her family.  I found out a couple of things.

She was from a prominent Chinese family.  I couldn't tell because she was wearing her clothes like any ordinary person in the streets with her worn, simpleton clothes and even overused slip-ons. I couldn't have mistaken her coming from a well-to-do family.  However, she attested that she was related to the owners of Goldilocks and (now, non-existent) Joni's bakeshop, a husband of a showbiz perso…

How I Met My Husband Again

Five years before I "met" my husband, I took a couple of tennis lessons from him.  He was also starting to be a tennis instructor back then.  We didn't make any good impression on each other because we didn't really end up together during that time.

Five years later, when we were both "with" other people, we finally got together.  (No guilt here) We were about to marry those other people that same year when we met.  There was no intention to change our minds about our upcoming marriage to other people.  No intention even to change our hearts about it.  But, I guess, God has different plans for ALL FOUR OF US.  And I am very thankful that we met again JUST IN TIME.

We didn't even slow down.  We charged to this head on.  I'm very thankful that this was not a big mistake.  In fact, it was the best decision for me - to take this adventure with him.  Truly, being with him has been very fulfilling.

Poor Kid, No School

The school director of my daughter's previous school just called me last night asking if I was still planning to re-enroll my turning-3-this-year daughter.  I told her the truth that my parents were the ones sponsoring my daughter the last school year, but this year, there won't be any more grandsponsors (since we moved out of their house) :D  And so I said that as of now, I have no budget for their school.

But she told me that they could adjust the fees and classes for my Via.  I wonder how much adjustment she could make for my daughter.

I tried enrolling my daughter to other schools for pre-primary classes.  I am at work almost all the time (7 days a week) and I have no more time to teach my daughter intensively as a mother ought to do.  I am kind of disappointed because this is the stage in which her brain is most "absorbent".  

Unfortunately, those other more affordable schools don't accept students her age.  I told them that she has already gone to toddler…

What We Live By

There are certain principles in life that we all follow whether we are aware of it or not.  Somehow, it is what we have in common with people who seem so different from us.  Sometimes, we agree on the same things even if we are coming from different walks of life. They are the unspoken laws on which we base our actions, our beliefs and most important of all, our judgments.

Somehow, those who don't follow any of these principles are those who are easily swayed by anything that comes their way.  They don't have roots and therefore, are at risk to end up in very dangerous dead ends.

The principle of knowing thyself works well for me.  Somehow, it may sound a bit self-centered.  It may seem that all I am preoccupied with is myself.  But it really isn't so.  I have to know who I am in order to improve who I am.  I have to know my strengths and weaknesses in order to put all my energy which is more beneficial for me.  If I work well, I work better for other people besides myse…


Nothing is absolute.

We cannot say anything in absolute certainty.  Even the laws of nature does not apply at all times - even though according to my physics teacher, a "law" cannot be contested.

I happen to run across Einstein's quotes in the paper today and realized that he was really in touch with the world around him (in contrast to stereotyped dorks who keep to themselves).

"When you are courting a nice girl, an hour seems like a second.   When you are sitting on a red-hot cinder, a second seems like an hour.  That's relativity."
"Two things are infinite. The universe and human stupidity. And I am not so sure about the universe."
"The difference between a genius and stupidity is: Genius has its limits."
What is true to you may not be true to others.  What is right with you may not be right for others.  It all depends on where we are coming from.  This is why it is ill-mannered of people to judge others by what they do or say or be…