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What I Want To Call Mine and Mine Alone

Whenever I have to stay in other places, I only hope for one thing: my own bathroom. I don't mind sharing spaces including the bedroom. I do mind sharing a bathroom. I'm not keen on using public bathrooms.  It's not that I'm squeamish. It's just that it is supposed to be something of your own. It's a very personal space so it's logical not to share it with just anyone.
These days when the cost of living is so high in the city,  personal spaces are a luxury.  Sharing your stuff is the rule. Stuff that you are not using at the moment is not yours anymore. Well, I heard that from a nun in high school  who told us that we need to be charitable all the time.
I am for charity.   Sharing what others urgently need and don't have, that is charity. Sharing a bathroom is a pet peeve. Even though the need to use the bathroom is always an urgent case,  I'd rather wait for a while to use my own at home.
Thank goodness, I'm pre-menopausal and still continent. ^_^

Crying In Public

I was in Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf after work today.  I was planning to catch up on my reading for an upcoming exam.  I was hoping for peace and quiet since it was still around noon time expecting that the coffee shop will be almost deserted.  Unfortunately, there were lots of people hanging out in the coffee shop for business, pleasure and a couple of them like me, for academics.

I was trying to read my book a bit more intently and I had to give more effort than usual.  It was because two ladies were talking a bit too loudly and one of them started to sniff and cry.  The whole coffee shop was hushed for a couple of minutes, probably to listen to the ladies' conversation.  I didn't quite get what they were talking about but I'm quite sure it was about a treacherous man - wild guess.

After that incident today, I realized that people need to give more effort on pulling back some of their emotions. I am sympathetic to the lady who is undergoing some terrible situation.  Unfo…