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Men And Women

Refute the following statements as you please:
Most of the time, only women loves (to be) skinny girls. Most of the time, men is turned on by britches.  
(Yes, it is vulgar to call women like they were she dogs.  So forgive me if you somehow cringe at the word.)
I was unconsciously figuring out how men like their women and how women react to certain kinds of their species. 
When I say skinny, I mean Kim Chiu skinny.  
Women opt for the size 4 to size 6.  They regard themselves highly when they are actually skinny (consciously and unconsciously).  They tend to look at skinny women as somewhat lucky and even healthy.  They make an excuse as preposterous as high metabolism when in fact there's really nothing to metabolize.  LOL!  (Luckily Filipinas rarely go on such diet because of our innate love for food.)
It doesn't hold true for everyone but it holds true for me.  I think (not Kim Chiu) skinny girls do look good.  Maybe because the look good in most clothes.  Another reason?  I can&…

Dear Lord

Dear Lord, I need more time to make things right - for my kid and my parents.  I still believe I haven't made a mistake but it doesn't matter when they think I did.  I don't want them to grow old disappointed.  Please Lord.  Give me time and opportunities to turn things around.  Amen.

I've got to stop being emotional and start thinking straight.

My Life In Ruins

Well, that's how I gather from my dream awhile ago.  I took an hour's sleep and woke up again (because I have to check up on my Via - even if she's not crying at all).

So I want to write about my dream while it is still vivid in my mind.

I was driving our black SUV at night time on my way home. I stopped at a red light.  I was looking at my sideview mirror and saw that there was a street beggar knocking on the windows of cars behind me. The person then came to my window but I was still looking at the sideview mirror instead of looking out my window.  I was seeing a shadow figure instead.  And then it suddenly got too dark and I had to turn on the brightest of my headlight.  Apparently it wasn't working.

And then all of a sudden, there were people surrounding my vehicle who were mad and pointing at me. I thought I hit someone so I got off the car and they were telling me I hit their home.  And I was looking around and saw that there was nothing there.  And then it came…

The Earth Quakes Again

Of all calamities, I am afraid of earthquakes most of all.  Maybe it is because I am not reassured by man-made infrastructures.  And maybe because for me, being buried alive is the worst thing that could happen.  
I have been preparing myself for an earthquake for the past year or so.  I remember going to work always with a bottle of water, food and flashlight in my bag.  I was also looking where to buy a whistle that I could hang on to my neck.  Yes, I was that paranoid.  I even wanted every one in my family to do the same but they just think I'm just over doing it.  
No one can get ready for a disaster such as this.  And I don't think I could be paranoid enough to be ready for it.  
After more than a year of being anxious (most of the time), Manila has not experienced any earthquakes (and dear Lord, please keep it that way).  Instead, world news has reported several of them in other parts of the world including that of Haiti's.  
A couple of days ago, there was one in Baguio…

Too Close For Comfort

I have experienced a lot of close encounters on the road.  If my guardian angel wasn't paying too much attention, I'd be dead by now.

Awhile ago while in SLEX, our vehicle was changing lanes at the same time that a bus was doing on the far right lane of the road.  The problem was we were both aiming to change into the same lane.  So imagine my fright as a passenger, seeing that the bus was seemingly heading our way.  We were cheek to cheek with the big vehicle that could easily smash and crush our vehicle.

I could understand that proximity like that is okay but only if you are within Metro Manila where vehicles are at hands length from each other.  Did I say it's okay?  I meant that we are used to it when in Manila but it's another story when you're running 80kph or more with a bus heading your way running probably at a higher speed.

I couldn't count anymore all the close calls in the road.  But I'm sure there's a lot more coming my way.  I just hope …