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On Cartoons

I recall those days when I was much younger than now and thinking that cartoons will always be for me.  I even said to myself before that I will never prefer the shows adult watch over my favorite cartoons.  I guess I was wrong because I evolved.

There was a change of preference in terms of the what I wanted to see or hear on TV.  I got over  my pretend phase.  Well, not really.  Watching actors on a show doesn't get me out of that zone.  I still like the life I don't lead.  Somehow, the real people seem better to watch than those whom I am used to.  I began watching TV shows that my dad watches.  I find them more exciting and the cartoons a bit of a bore.

I was addicted to TV.  But these days, not so much.  Maybe because of lack of time.  I try to catch the news. And that was it.  However, when I was younger, I really spent the whole day in front of the television, even forgetting my daily chores and self-care (which included taking a bath).  I was so addicted that I even re…

Election Day Turned Earthquake Day

No work day today.  Staycation for me.  Spent the whole day with Via and Papa.  Refused the invite to go over to her Lola's house.  The last time we were there, we had to get a taxi because no one (particularly my dad) to send us back here for reason that he might see my life partner again.

This morning, I saw on Twitter the news that an earthquake with a magnitude of 7.2 hit Cebu and several other areas in Visayas.  This country once again experience another calamity. A few weeks ago, Zamboanga had destructive floods.  And weeks before that, there was a declaration of war in that same area.

It was supposed to be local election day today.  The candidates probably should do something if they want to stand out in times of distress.

Away From Home

Well, not that far away.  I'm just here in the hospital, roughly 20minute drive from home... if I was riding my own car or a cab - an hour away if by jeepney.  The whole department is in Heart Center attending the Scientific Meeting and the rest of Manila is at home watching the college basketball championship.  And I am here, alone in the quarters transferring files from my phone to this netbook.

It's better this way than being in the ultrasound room scanning patients.  I've done six of them this morning.  I'm planning to study right now but instead, opted to write while downloading.  Thank God for the internet and the new netbook.  For the first time, I've brought it here to work but not for work.

If I'm really grateful, I'd put to good use and study or make my report today.

I'm in the senior's bed, by the way.  That just means, I'm a bit of a lazy boss today.  Not helping the juniors in anyway.  It's their year to shine anyway.  Next y…

A Bit of Casino

Spent a night here in Pasay, Manila at Solaire (Resort and Casino) and realized that this is a bustling place in spite of being so far away from the rest of busy, crowded Manila.

My parents have a penchant for gambling, particularly the slot machine.  My only objection was that everywhere here is a smoking area.  And being a nonsmoker that I am, I despise the stench of cigarette. I don't want my parents to inhale the smoke.  I believe it really is bad for the health.

I have gambled before.  Last night, my parents called up our hotel room telling me that I would just have to call her on her phone if me and my brother (who was staying with Via and me in this room ... along with Nanny Vangie) wanted decided to join them downstairs.  She was willing to give us money last night.  My brother and I both said, No, thank you.

I realized long before that it was really a big waste of money.  But of course, with my parents, if they enjoy it, they could do it if they wanted to.  I'm not …


Woke up very early today so that my daughter and I could leave early and join her grandparents for one whole day of yabadoo fun leaving her father home alone.  I knew all along that I wouldn't be able to complete any reading backlogs today but I was still hoping for a miracle.

I am way behind at work.

Work entails a lot of reading.

If only they make us read books that I want to read.

Feeling hopeless.