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Net Worth

I work for the government with a contract of four years in this public institution.  Every year, we have to fill out a Statement of Assets, Liabilities and Net Worth.  You know what I wrote under assets?  I wrote down the following:my promise ring (given by my husband) which is probably worth around PHP500.00Watch (given by my mother before I left their home) which is worth more than PHP10,000.00 The rest of my stuff, I left it at their house thinking it wasn't mine to take.  
That is how much I'm worth: PHP 10,500.00
I didn't write down the other stuff who's ownership is under my name.  I'm thinking that anytime, it could be taken away from me by my parents (which I would readily give up to them).  
The things I didn't work hard for are not mine.
If there's anything that I'm working hard for right now is my family (my daughter and my husband).  But instead of belonging to me and claiming ownership, I belong to them.  I am at their bidding.  
My husband a…

Too Wordy

That's what I think about this blog.  There's nothing here but words.

I babble a lot, even in my mind so bear with me :)

No Credibility?

Have you ever applied for something and got disapproved for any reason?

Well, I have.  I was applying for a Globe Wifi Super Stick (???)  for the past few weeks in their Galleria branch.  Every time I wanted to follow up on my application, there was no answer from the phone line that they give me.  I had to go to their branch myself only to find out that my signatures are doubtful.

I admit I have a problem recreating my signature. But I have given several government ID cards, payslip and even credit cards of three different banks and still, they don't believe I am responsible enough to be able to pay the monthly fees.  I even cited that I have postpaid lines from the two other networks for more than two years now.  And visas from several countries.  Isn't that credible enough?  Geeez!  (Hey, not bragging here... just trying to get my point across.)

I asked if ever I had a previous stroke and my hand that created my signature had tremors post CVA (Stroke), would they still ta…

It's Not The Cheese

I'm currently reading this book:  Who Moved My Cheese?  I've been hearing or "reading" about this book for sometime now and I am so glad that I got one from an online book seller. That meant I got a big discount out of a gem of a book.

It was talking about each and everybody's "cheese"  that we go and look for in a "maze" called life.  I am so happy to have read the book (I'm still halfway through it,though).  I even shared about it with my life partner. I got the most important of it all - it's not the cheese that makes us happy but the journey of getting it.

I guess most of us who still have the energy are happy to go for it.  But some of us who has grown tired of life doesn't even bother to go after a new cheese when they're stuck with the old one already.  Big lesson learned (which I'm going to make sure that my little one((S)) know about):  that a successful life is not measured by how much cheese you have enjoyed bu…

What's Best For The Children

Whenever I see parents handling their children in a way I won't do to my own child, I feel so mad, helpless and frustrated.  I wouldn't be able to do anything nor dictate how parents should treat their children because basically, I can't intervene even if I wanted to.  
I always wanted to believe that parents will do what is best for their kids but somehow, the things I see around me tells me otherwise.  I've seen and heard how parents can verbally abuse their child.  I cringe upon hearing them scold the child like they have committed a crime.  Children can only do minor damage, if there's any.  I don't see why parents have to reprimand them too harshly.  I can't say it is really the best way for them to learn a lesson.
Awhile ago, while doing cranial ultrasound to a one-month old infant with her mother carrying her in her arms, the baby suddenly coughed (because apparently, she was also suffering of pneumonia), the mother instantly did physiotherapy (patti…

Goodnight... I Love You

My kid does a lot of mimicry and echoes of words she hears. She's still in between babbling and speaking fluently.

She can now say the following words among others:

"Honey""Mommy" "Daddy""Mommy look!""Come here!""Coocake" (for cupcake)"Not a toy""Dirty""Ouch""Turn off"and her favorite, "iPad" Tonight, as we were talking over the phone before she goes to sleep, she was able to tell me "Goodnight" and "I love you" in response to the same words I just uttered.  
I know she doesn't mean it but still, it made me the happiest person at that moment.

Away From Home Every Three

It must have been a long time since my last post here and so much have changed.
I'm on my second year of residency.  Yes, they have promoted me.  And now I have juniors to fill in my busy shoes.  I am not the lowest creature in the department anymore.  When I say home, I mean the little apartment I share with my husband and my daughter.  The department is being "sanctioned" and everyone goes on every three days duty.  At first, I thought it was a great idea to lower my travel expenses but it seems that I'm increasing my food expenses instead.  I keep eating junk and drinking coffee to keep me awake!Work is relatively easy when you have a junior you can rely on and a senior to refer to if you don't know what to do. There are so many things I need to learn.  I'm talking about academics.  Well, I need to learn a lot of other things too... to survive being an independent... dependent on my husband.  
Well, need to go back to work again.  Later!