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Coffee Shop Scene

Today, I hung out in Starbucks Tagaytay (which was nearby our home). It was packed with so many people. Some people were eating their pastries standing up. (No kidding!) It was noticeable that there were so many different species of coffee drinkers - of all shapes and sizes.

There were people wearing their hospital uniforms. Most were Filipinos but I saw a group of Koreans and some Caucasians. There were even some from Middle East with a heavy accent when they spoke English.

After an hour or so, there were women who were wearing formal clothes. And when I say formal, I mean gowns and high heels. They probably came from a wedding reception from a nearby hotel.

There were little people too. So little, they had to be carried around. And instead of coffee, they were drinking milk.

A cup fo coffee is so great that it brings people together. People who don't have anything in common except that they all like the smell and taste of coffee - particularly espresso.

On How We Say Things

One co-worker blew her top off.  One of the office employee was being very rude over the community chat room at work today.  He has been like that long before I've stepped into that company.  And today he met his match.  My seatmate (parang high school lang) was fuming with the message she got from the that employee.  I didn't know what was happening until she got up from the chair so suddenly and (should I say) savagely.  She stormed out of our area and charged to the head office.  
When she came back, she told me and another friend that she told the HR/shift manager (who, in my opinion, is a lot worse than anyone else in that office) that this particular employee was harassing her over our community chat.  Her words slashed against that person so hard that the manager had to calm her down (unsuccessfully).
My friend went back to her computer to rudely reply to the message she received.  I think they had a long conversation over the private chat which she saved on her file.  

Matagal Ka Pa?

I was knocking on the second floor bathroom awhile ago because of my urgency to use it.  Unfortunately, my brother just started using it because they're on their way to church.  I asked if he was still going to take a long time inside the bathroom and he said yes.  What I really meant at that time was "Hurry up"  ("Bilisan mo!").

I don't know where I get this habit of not saying something when I mean something else.

Another example is when I'm offering food to someone else.  I ask "Gusto mo?" when what I really want to say is "Kuha ka" which actually means in ("Here, take some")

(I hope I can think of something else to add, but that's all I got from now.)

It's a good thing Pinoys don't get confused when we communicate.

What Long Breaks?

At work today, as I enter my biometrics for checking out for my "lunch" break, the manager asked me how long do I take my breaks.  I got irked by her question because it wasn't an innocent one.  In fact, it was full of sarcasm the same way she always delivers her verbal memorandums to all of us.  It seems that she's implying that I'm taking way too long during my breaks.  I'm quite sure that I'm not mistaken with this presumption. 
I told her that I'm taking one hour break as she told me during my first few days.  When in fact, what I really wanted to tell her is that she needs to look at the exact biometric records that I don't even consume that one hour alloted to me.  
That incident ruin my cup noodle break.  I was ranting to my husband about this.  My husband was just relieved that I wasn't mad AT him this time.  That bit made me laugh and I felt better somehow.  It was kind of funny that he saw it in that light.  
I'll let it pass this t…