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Last week, there was a senseless commotion in the hospital lobby. People were waiting for a parade of staff dressed in gowns and suits (including our traditional Barongs).

Anyway, I'm not particularly fond of crowds. But I am up for people getting together and gowns.

I think if you can have a space of your own not having to share it with a couple of people then that would be much better.

Kind of selfish? Most probably yes. But of course, I am willing to share eith people who are not that intrusive. Of course.

Tunnel of Books

Wouldn't it be great to go through a tunnel lined with shelves of nice reading materials? I think it would be just like heaven itself.

What a nice thought. I would even like to hang out in that tunnel and wait for my loved ones there. And then we could go to heaven altogether.

Plight of the Elderly

They have gone through a lot already in this life. That is why it pains me whenever I see them not enjoying the basic conveniences that they actually need.

I saw an elderly commuter with a cane waiting for a public transportation to come his way. It would be good to know if he could afford a cab. But most people in this country could only afford the jeepney in which elders have to put more effort that they should conserve on order to get on and off of it.

I pray for better strength for all of them. Discounts are not enough!