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No More Me Time

Okay, I've got only thirty minutes to write this - whatever this is.

These days it's so hard to gather my thoughts and write them down mainly because I don't have time (and the place) to do so.  And finally, now that they (my daughter and my husband) are asleep, I have some time to sit down and do this - again, whatever this is.

I can only afford to tweet these days.  However, that's how far my mind can go right now - a 150-character thought.  It's hard for me to be eloquent on that level so you can just imagine how hard it is for me to be eloquent on this one.    

I don't want this to end up as a complaint or rant just because I miss those times when I've got time in my hands.  I am leading the life I want these days.  It's not easy but it is what I wanted (and still want).  And I'm not even regretting that a lot has been lost but not to the extent that I lost all of those important to me.  In fact, I have gained so many and that includes exper…