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Paying Respects To Another Boss

Awhile ago, I was approached by one of my immediate superiors.  She told me that my shift manager was complaining that I wasn't greeting her "Good Morning Ma'am" when I do my biometrics near her office.  I reasoned out that I didn't know I was supposed to do that and I have never heard anyone doing that.

She told me that I need to because the shift manager was the sister of the owner's (the one I saw before) sister.  I was a bit irritated.  I don't mind greeting anyone.  In fact, I usually greet the lady and the "manong" janitor whenever I see them on the floor.  It's because they were looking at me and so I felt the need to acknowledge their presence.  But the shift manager, who doesn't even look anyone's way, demands to be greeted whenever she's in the room.  I wonder if she thinks people should bow down.

In my previous jobs, I greet those who I respect irregardless if they are the owner of the establishment I'm working i…

Children's Day on 5th of May

Well, it is on more than one part of the world, particularly Korea.  And it is one of the most festive days of the year for a Korean.  I was told that it is similar to Christmas day without the religious aspect of it.  Come to think of it, Christmas day's religious perspective is overlooked most of the times.

Well, it would be fun to have a Children's day here in our own country.  But instead of giving gifts to our own children, it would be much more meaningful if the kids without parents are the focus of our own Children's day.  I think every child needs to feel that he or she is being cared for.  Childhood is not childhood without any adults taking care of the children.  Once a child starts to fend for himself, it's the end of childhood.  Responsibility is equated with adulthood.

Many unfortunate Filipino kids have been robbed of their childhood.  The worse part of it is that they weren't prepared for it.  Adulthood and its responsibilities has been handed to t…

Double Three Points

I had this photo in my files for so long already.  And I'm not sure if it's pleasant enough to look at to post it in a blog.  But today, I decided that it's pretty interesting if people read the story behind it.  Well, there's no story really.

So, I was disposing off some empty toiletry.  I threw out an empty tube of conditioner into the trash a few feet away from me.  Beforehand, I threw the toothpaste carton.  Since, it was an wide-mouthed trash bin, I knew it was easy to throw things on it from a distance.  But when the tube made a weird sound instead of the usual dumping sound, I looked over the trash and found that I did not just threw in inside the trash but I was also able to shoot the tube inside the toothpaste carton.

Now, I understand unbelievable shots I see on TV screens during a basketball game.

The Big Boss

I caught a glimpse of our lady boss today.  There are several people who have warned me about her. They all said she is mean-hearted.

At work, I stepped out of my station to get hot water for my cup of coffee.  Unfortunately, the container was empty.  And then this middle-aged lady smiled at me and noted that I wasn't able to get any drinking water.  She looked so pleasant that I thought that my fellow workers were exaggerating.  That lady was far from being mean.  She was too friendly to be a horrible person.

And so, when I went in, I told my co-worker that I finally saw the big boss.  She asked me what she looked like.  And I told her she looks like a pleasant old lady.  She shared what I told her to another person and they both laughed.  They found it funny that I found the boss old. And then just when we were about to get back to work, there was this short-haired, barely chic-looking, scowling woman who was wearing something you would see in a club - black and shiny silver.