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A month ago, there were so many blackouts in the hospital due to faulty electrical wiring.  It occurred at an average of five (5) times a day.  It was a hassle for everyone and patients were complaining already.  Everyone was struggling with their work.  And people were blaming the engineering department and the people in the top offices.  You could see power banks everywhere.  And people were charging their gadgets in between blackouts.  

I guess people learned how to adapt.  After months (yes, months) of daily blackouts, no one was complaining about it.  Everyone was even expecting (and welcoming) its onset.  The staff were trying to cope up with it.  They were doing double time when the lights are on but it wasn't enough.  The blackout was everyone's excuse for unfinished tasks.

However, it was different for the patients (and their relatives).  I could only imagine the terrible discomfort they must be feeling.  The delay in the health services they are hoping for must be…