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Yawning In Public

I find it disturbing and sometimes, very impolite when someone yawns very loudly in public.  It's that kind of yawn in which the person don't even try to stifle it.  I understand that it feels really good especially when it is accompanied by ultimate stretching of the body.

But it's another story when you do it in the public place.  There's this girl at my back right now.  She's alone like me.  And every now and then, she lets out a big yawn.  Every one in the coffee shop could hear her.  And so, everyone, I'm sure is not trying to look her way pretending that they didn't hear anything (just like what I'm doing right now).

A yawn is usually very infectious.  When you see or hear someone do it, it's like your brain is programmed to do the same.  It's a good thing that her loud yawn is not the regular kind because I wouldn't want to follow suit especially now that I'm on my second cup of bitter coffee just to keep myself awake.

Anyway, i…

Sun Is Moving?

We were taught that the Earth is the one moving around the sun and not the other way around but a lavandera or anyone who does the laundry and hangs the clothes under the sun may not believe that fact (without any formal background on astronomy).

In the past, I noted that you cannot hang your clothes on the same time of day at the same place like before.  The sun's rays move from one place to another every few weeks or months.  The sun doesn't always sets at the exact same direction.  The only thing you can rely on is at noon time when the rays will truly shine right above you (or your laundered clothes). 
But maybe there are changes in the Solar System that we don't know about.  The sun could be truly moving.  That's a scary thought.  It could be moving away or moving  towards us.  Jeepers! 
Actually, the idea of a universe is a scary thought.  Thoughts about the Earth just floating there without anything visible holding it in place and any asteroid or "falling&quo…

Coffee And Mormons

I've been spending a lot of time in coffee shops, haven't I?  It seems my posts are somehow related to them.

Just a while ago, I saw a group of young Mormon missionaries inside Starbucks right across their temple.  I remember someone telling me that Mormons are not allowed to have coffee.  I wonder if they're also not allowed to drink tea.  If so, they must be hear for the Apple Pockets.

If drinking coffee is a sin against God, does that mean I put coffee before God?  Is coffee so good that I am purposely defying God with every cup?

Honestly, I haven't read anything from the Bible saying something against drinking coffee.  I also wonder if they had coffee back then.  They had wine.  And look what alcohol does to people.   I don't hear any church banning alcohol from their lifestyle.

Cowbells and Girls

During breakfast this morning, we were recalling our trip somewhere in Western Europe years ago.  This was brought about by eating corned beef that was so masebo or oily.  My dad said it must be beef from cows from around there who do nothing but chew grass and sit around.

I remember riding the cable car over those mountains they graze on.  And I hear those cowbells like it was nearby but actually, we were so high up, we can't see where it was coming from.  We were told that these cowbells were supposed to help the shepherd to find them if they went too far.

And then after that ride to Mt.Titlis (teehee! The name can make you cringe or giggle!), there was a herd of cattle which made a loud noise with all the cowbells tied on their necks.  I pity the cows.  The bell really makes a loud (almost deafening) noise with their every movement.  It's inhumane!

One thing more that caught my attention was that the shepherds were female teenagers.  I think they're too petite to do t…

I Wish They Serve Noodle Soup in Starbucks

If Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf can serve pasta and breakfast trays, why can't Starbucks in Asia serve Asian food?  (Okay, that was bad analogy.)  Wouldn't it be great to eat noodle soup inside the cozy interior where you can see the rain pouring heavily outside?  That would be like the ultimate comfort.  More comfortable than being under Egyptian-cotton-made thick blankets.  Okay, okay!  I actually don't know how Egyptian cotton feels like but I heard it really feels nice.

I have just been apprehended by Starbucks security. LOL!

I was taking a picture of my sister while she was working on her computer.  Behind her was the Starbucks lighted sign board (which can actually fall on her head because it's just hanging there).  The security guard stopped me after I took a couple of shots.  I was using her iTouch so there was really no clicking sounds or flash.  I was about to post it to her Instagram account (whatever that is).  The security told me no one is allowed to take pic…